Sponsorship 2018

For 2018 there will be a few changes on what DT are allowed to use only Single images only no sets and any image under $2.00
You must use it for the challenge when requesting an image too and you will get only the full size image.
Thanks so much Nikki


Help Need a name

Sneak Preview of a New Image coming into the store shortly !!!

This little Bird can use a name and some free funny/wrong sentiments to match 
I know he looks a little angry so have fun
if your gonna swear just email me those lol

If I use any sentiment or name this image is yours to play with along 
with one more !!

Visit back on the 15th for a FREEBIE so you can join in the progressive challenge too

hugs Nikki


  1. The first thing I thought on seeing him was "bite me", then "don't ruffle my feathers".
    Perhaps he could be named Screech or Duke.
    ... he reminds me of the vampire finches from the Galápagos Islands, so maybe he could be Darwin or Wolf after the islands where they come from :)

    1. Now I must look up Vampire Finches and those are great Tracy Thanks

  2. He looks sad. Don't be blue, Bad Feather Day, Not Funny to ruffle my feathers. Edwina brown

  3. There was something in that seed they fed me!

    I don't need to be pretty to fly!


  4. I still think he should be called "Resting Bird face"...LOL

  5. The first thing I thought of was... Make my day! He has this Clint Eastwood look to him. Maybe Clint Eastwood would be a good name or just Clint for short.

  6. I reckon his name is Beaky. and some sentiments could be " I'm in a flap", "Don't get too close, I peck", "The Birds has nothing on me", " Watch out, feathers will fly!" "in real life I'm the Feathered Raider" "I don't need a cape". What a lot of fun. Cheers, CarolG